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Estate Sale Service

1. Control Access to Your Home with One Entrance and Exit

The security of your home and its contents is our paramount concern. That's why our Orlando estate sale services include designating a single entrance and exit for the property. This helps us to control the flow of customers and make certain that no one can sneak out the back door without paying for any items. When necessary, we may employ security personnel to ensure the safety of your property and the customers attending the sale.

2. Clearly Posted Estate Sale Guidelines

We like everyone to understand the ground rules before entering the sale. That's why we post a welcome sign at the entrance that clearly states the sale's guidelines. Pointing out simple rules such as asking a representative to mark an item as sold instead of doing it yourself minimize a great number of problems. Our goal is to sell all of your items at a great price, and that's why we make certain that all customers understand the simple rules of etiquette that make visiting estate sales a rewarding experience.

3. Cash-wrap Located at Sale Access to Greet Every Customer

It's just another way that we ensure the security of your property and belongings. We place our cash-wrap right next to the entrance/exit to ensure that we interact with every customer who comes in the door. This allows us to easily field any questions that might arise and make certain that no one slips out the door without paying. Excellent customer relations is one of things that makes our Orlando estate sale services among the best in the region.

4. Additional Representatives Are Placed Throughout the Sale

Because it would be impossible to offer professional estate sale services while remaining behind the cash-wrap, we ensure that we have additional personnel placed at strategic locations throughout the sale area. These hard-working, well-informed representatives answer questions, mark items as sold and make certain that customers are not hoarding items.

5. Informative Signs Placed at Convenient Intervals

We want everyone to be well informed about the guidelines for good estate sales etiquette and we also seek to minimize confusion. To achieve this, we post signs at various spots in your home that state our strict no smoking policy and detail the pricing for your sale. We may also include tips and warnings that ensure customer safety and security.

6. The Convenience of Multiple Forms of Payment

We make it easy for customers to make purchases both small and large by accepting all major credit cards as well as checks and cash. This ensures that you don't miss out on any potential sales.

7. Large Item Delivery

Many people don't come to estate sales prepared to haul away furniture or other large items. Recognizing this, our estate sale services include providing delivery for large items to guarantee a sale. It's our goal to sell everything you have to offer, and this is just one more way that we accomplish this task.