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Post Estate Sale Services

1. State Sales Tax Requirements Handled

As part of our professional estate sales services, we collect all necessary state sales taxes during the sale and them remit those payments to the state. This can be a fairly complex task that many homeowners don't want to take on. We make things easier on our customers by dealing with these legal requirements ourselves. It's just one more way that we make certain that we are the best estate liquidators Orlando residents can hire.

2. Timely Receipt of Estate Sale Summary and Payment

We take pride in giving our clients a full and complete Estate Sale Summary in no more than five days after the last day of their sale. The summary gives a complete accounting of items sold and also details the amounts deducted to cover our fees. Customers can expect to receive full payment for the proceeds of their sale at the same time they receive the Estate Sale Summary.

3. Take Care of Leftover Items

It's extremely unusual for every item to leave the shelves during a sale. We have several options available for helping you get rid of any leftovers. Some items may be able to be auctioned on eBay, and this is a service that we gladly provide for our customers. Alternatively, we can donate any items that don't sell on eBay or that we don't believe are likely to sell in an auction.

4. Document All Charitable Gifts for Tax Deductions

We carefully document all charitable donations made in your name. This documentation can be enormously helpful at tax time. You just may be able to take a healthy tax deduction thanks to your generosity. That means you get a clean, orderly house and perhaps also a nice tax refund.

5. Manage Trash Removal

It's almost inevitable that some trash will be left over at the end of any estate sale. As part of our full menu of services, we remove trash from the premises before leaving. This means fewer headaches for our customers, and it's another reason why we think we should be the estate liquidators Orlando residents call first.

6. Property Swept, Vacuumed and Emptied

In addition to taking out the trash, part of the services from estate liquidators Orlando residents have come to expect is leaving the property clean after the sale. This means that all floors will be swept and vacuumed. Perhaps even more helpfully, all rooms that are supposed to be emptied will be completely cleared out before we leave the premises. The home will be in fantastic condition for sale or whatever its next stage may involve.