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Pre Estate Sale Service

The weeks before an estate liquidation are busy. Fortunately, they are busier for us than they are for you because we take the headaches out of Orlando estate sales. Read on to discover how we prepare your home for a successful estate liquidation sale.

1. All Items in Your Home Sorted, Researched and Organized for Sale

Over the years, you've probably collected an overwhelming number of items. These items may be furniture, household goods, antiques, keepsakes or fall into dozens of other categories. It is extraordinarily difficult for homeowners to sort and organize all of those things without help.

The professionals at Class Act Estate & Moving Sales take this arduous process out of your hands. Our expertise enables us to sort and organize all of your household goods. Just as importantly, we're able to quickly decide whether an item can be sold or if it might be better off going to a charitable organization. We'll research any items, in particular antiques and collectibles, to ensure that they are properly valued. Best of all, we display your items so that people see them in a positive light. Draped tables are brought in to better showcase items, and we also provide locked, lighted cabinets for the more valuable pieces. Our Orlando estate liquidation sales are orderly and secure.

2. Quick Sales Ensured with Accurate Pricing at Fair Market Value

Our experience helps us make informed decisions when it comes to pricing items. We label items at accurate, fair market value to improve the chances of making a sale and to ensure increased profits for our customers.

3. We Use eBay to Auction Items That Are Not Sold at the Sale

Sometimes the right buyer just isn't able to make it on the day of the sale or lives elsewhere. That's why we sell items on eBay to get the best price possible. Letting someone else handle listing and shipping makes this a painless process for our customer.

4. Advertising for Your Sale Appears on Our Website, at and in Regional Newspapers

No estate sale can succeed without advertising. Our large, consistent customer base routinely visits our website looking for upcoming sales. Plus, we'll advertise in the local newspaper and on to generate word of mouth.

5. Email Everyone on Our Customer List Our extensive customer list receives notification of all of our sales. It is our proactive approach to ensuring great foot traffic at your sale. 6. Highly Visible Signs Drive Shoppers to Your House We don't want shoppers to get lost on the way to your sale. That's why we post plenty of easy-to-read signs that direct traffic to your door. 7. You Get Free Advertising and Sign Permits We figure advertising and sign permits are part of the cost of doing business. That's why we never make our customers foot the bill. It's in your and our interests to drive as many people to your estate sale as possible, and we're willing to invest in that endeavor.